Education Collaboration in Global R&D


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The Research & Development Lab of a large ICT multinational needed (i) new sources of global engineering and technical talent, (ii) funding to support its innovation, and (iii) visibility and leverage to enhance reputation and support market growth.


After a DFI® customized market deep-dive in six targeted Latin American countries, DFI and the Client revised the Client’s strategic plan, marketing materials, organizational structure, and messaging, bringing them into alignment with the priorities of the local universities, national governments and funding institutions. DFI then coordinated engagements between the Client and key donors and relevant players in government, academia and the private sector. Thereafter DFI used specialized knowledge and extensive networks to author partnership and funding proposals. Finally, DFI team members advocated on the Client’s behalf with funders and local stakeholders until the project was approved and launched.

DFI’s market deep-dives provide detailed actionable outcomes and best practices to position our clients with the right message, solution, and execution strategy.

Customized market deep-dives are a key DFI strategy to support client acceleration efforts. A client may ask DFI, for example, to identify relevant sales and partnership opportunities, identify and qualify local sales representatives, or understand the lay-of- the land on certain policy directions.

During Deep Dives, the DFI Team expertly identifies relevant in-market projects, institutions, stakeholders, and international and national funding sources that support these objectives.


Inter-American Development Bank

World Bank Group

National Ministries of Higher Education, Science and Technology

Local Universities and R&D Centers

International and Local Companies and NGOs


Over the course of 18 months, the Client and DFI launched and scaled-up two successful initiatives in the Americas to support Engineering Education, Accreditation, and Entrepreneurship, achieving multiple client objectives

Built relationships with 25 of Latin America’s top engineering universities representing over 50,000 undergrad and grad students in key disciplines

Enhanced and expanded reputation and mindshare with Ministers of Science and Technology and Higher Education in Brazil, Argentina, and other key countries in Latin America

Leveraged $3 M in grant funds from international and national partners, representing 10X Client investment

Identified more than $20 M in national R&D funds for client pursuit

Developed know-how and scalable model eventually replicated with equal success in Africa

“Today, global participation depends on the strength of our innovative abilities. HP is proud to be among the partners working with the IDB on the critical topic of developing engineers and technical talent to meet the competitiveness needs of the Americas. HP is pleased to see the collective will expressed by the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Panama to pursue regional accreditation of engineers, since this will bring international recognition and opportunity to the region over time.”

– Wayne Johnson, Vice President of University Relations at Hewlett-Packard.

Click image to read the Official Press Release.