Creating “Healthy” Demand



The marketing department of a multinational health corporation saw a unique opportunity when several new health commodities for diseases prevalent in Africa faced likely approval in the next decade. DFI® was retained to build an advocacy strategy that would secure a base of market demand prior to the products’ approval and commercialization.


Prioritizing the establishment of trust with potential partners, DFI targeted international institutions that were influential with African Ministries of Health and Finance in key countries and open to private sector collaboration. Next, DFI executed a comprehensive assessment of regional political and economic institutions including the World Health Organization and various International Funding Organizations to identify possible allies, ultimately extending to include the academic community and Africa’s Diaspora. Alongside demand-generation efforts, DFI strengthened the private sector health channels that would serve as important current and future distribution points and launched pilot projects in partnership with local NGOs and business associations to test the channels’ viability as complementary to existing government health service providers.

From designing rural health initiatives to stimulating discussion on the merit of select health interventions, DFI crafted diverse stakeholder activities to secure successful collaboration at multiple levels.

Pilot projects provided a “proof of concept” for the Client and other health sector stakeholders, demonstrating that private distribution channels had an important role to play in delivering Client health products to target populations.


World Health Organization (WHO) and other select UN agencies

International Financial Organizations



After two years of the program, third party advocates were already publicizing notable improvements to health outcomes from the joint initiatives between the Client and international as well as local institutions.

With DFI’s support, the Client used the successful pre-launch effort as a model in other regions and with additional funders

Marketing department pioneered a multipronged approach which gained senior executive support and buy-in

Lessons learned from focused initiative strengthened capacity of local Client offices to drive innovative advocacy and sales strategies