Accelerating Growth in Renewable Energy: From Local to Global


A midsized, privately owned, manufacturer of renewable energy equipment headquartered in South Asia needed to diversity and expand upon his market-leading position in India and take the company global by quadrupling the country coverage (from 4 to 20 countries) in three years. The client’s internal efforts to expand sales channels had not been successful.


DFI’s approach was aimed at addressing two challenges, market expansion and operational implementation. DFI® delivered a carefully structure, replicable process to successfully establish client presence and distributor network in markets with the highest potential for revenue growth and installing and operational structure that ensured programmatic sales pursuit efforts.

As a first step, DFI identified the set of priority countries by tracking countries where investments in the related renewable energy segment were on the rise, which had abundant natural resources, a suitable regulatory framework, an attractive energy market and investors looking for cost-effective solutions.

The DFI team then leveraged its research skills and global network to map out key stakeholders, potential customers, market trends, business potential, and country specific sales strategies in the priority countries. Joint in-country visits introduced the client to stakeholders, potential customers and pre-vetted distributor candidates. Post visit follow ups helped close the loop in the partner engagement and start of sales pursuit in these markets.

At the end of three years, DFI had exceeded its brief – channel partners were in place covering 24 export markets in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Central Europe. DFI also facilitated the opening of the client’s two international regional offices for improved partner oversight and access to key export markets.

In the process, DFI also established and disseminated processes and discipline for partner qualification, management and sales pursuit. These measures have significantly improved field capability in managing expanded demands and market network.


Established 2 Regional Offices bringing the client closer to key markets

Opened 19 new markets by establishing distributors and mapping business leads

Introduced client to more than 500 project stakeholders

Mapped a 5 year pipeline of nearly $1 B, of which $200 M is prioritized and under pursuit

Delivered sales of $10 M in new markets

Established business processes and structures to manage growth in new markets