“Show Me the Money” — There is More Money Than Good Projects


Facing stagnant sales, a leading multinational corporation involved in agribusiness, needed to expand markets and brought DFI® on board to answer the question: “Will Africa be the site of the next ‘Green Revolution’?


DFI first developed an agriculture value chain in key crops and value-added operations in priority subsectors before mapping donor funding flows against the value chain through a review of nearly 600 projects, $10B in funding opportunities, and the macroeconomic performance and trade policy developments of target countries. From these results, DFI provided insights into which organizations would be optimal partners for the Client and highlighted gaps in donor funding and private sector investment where Client engagement could play a pivotal role. Following the research phase, DFI organized and accompanied Client executives on high-level, in-country missions in five targeted countries, moving fluidly from corporate to field as an extension of the client.

DFI analysis reviewed funding from four leading international financial organizations (IFOs), multilateral donor institutions active in Africa, leading bilateral donors, foundations, and foreign direct investors

An in-depth DFI value chain analysis ultimately enabled the Client to identify how funding flows influenced each step of the value chain, from farm inputs to transport infrastructure to governmental agricultural policies

In-country missions augmented research findings with on-the-ground field intelligence from key stakeholders in government, business, and development agencies


National and Local Governments



Universities and Research Institutes


Developed strategic and tactical recommendations for corporate management regarding prospects and priorities in Africa

Catalogued evidence base for Client resource allocation in key African market to address nearly $7B in donor funding aligned with Client interests

Created network of field-level contacts in Client’s priority markets