Gaining Perspective and Trust to Tackle Maternal & Child Health Challenges


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Wishing to move closer to the front-lines of immunization demand, delivery and advocacy, a global pharmaceutical company approached DFI® in the hopes of securing more direct and favorable relationships with health NGOs in Asia—the vanguard of vaccination practices in the emerging world.


DFI conceived of and developed an approach to the NGO community that centered on key strategies for joint value creation: sharing best practices, innovation, and pragmatic approaches to vaccine delivery. Using its stakeholder mapping expertise, DFI secured the participation of 27 highly respected MNCH-focused NGOs from across Asia along with 7 donor agencies and the Asian Development Bank and Save The Children, both of which served as workshop co-hosts thereby enhancing the technical inputs of the workshop efforts and increasing its legitimacy.

After positive initial consultations with significant stakeholders, DFI meticulously reviewed NGO case studies in order to produce a substantive issues agenda that included mobilizing political support, generating additional resources, planning service delivery, and distributing community-level information and education. DFI put these materials to use in a collaborative “session development” for a pan-Asia NGO workshop on immunization and maternal, newborn and child health (MNCH).

This landmark campaign provided a unique and intimate forum for the NGOs and international donors to share experiences and identify practical ways to tackle some of the region’s most pressing MNCH challenges. DFI’s Client achieved its objectives and more—eventually earning a Gold Standard Award from PublicAffairsAsia Magazine for the campaign’s success at overcoming historical barriers between stakeholders, encouraging NGOs as vaccine champions, and creating long-lasting goodwill.


Asian Development Bank, co-host

Save the Children, co-host

27 National and International Health NGOs involved in immunization in Asia

7 international donors including the World Bank, USAID, AusAID, CIDA, UNICEF, NORAD, and GAVI.


DFI’s pharmaceutical Client, the Asian Development Bank and Save the Children jointly published an issues brief on the value of vaccines and critical issues facing vaccine availability

Nurtured unprecedented levels of trust and goodwill between the pharmaceutical company, the NGO community, and development partners in order to increase vaccine uptake

Generated interest from NGO and other development partners in forming a regional vaccine advocacy coalition

Directly connected implementers of innovative immunization activities to health donors for future collaboration

The Client was awarded PublicAffairsAsia Magazine’s 2009-2010 Gold Standard Award in Stakeholder Engagement at the Hong Kong February Foreign Correspondents Club, which identified excellence in a corporate communications campaign addressing messages to stakeholders