Developing Skills in Africa for Socio-Economic Development

DFI’s Managing Director, Emilio Bunge, moderated a session with World Bank Senior Education Economist Andreas Blom on Monday, Dec 11th. The event, “Developing Skills in Africa for Socio-Economic Development – World Bank Programs and Initiatives in Tertiary Education”, was hosted by the Corporate Council on Africa (CCA), in Washington, D.C. Attendees included Fortune 500 companies, Private Investment Funds, International Donors and Foundations, and Africa’s Diplomatic community.

Mr. Blom presented on World Bank programs and collaborations with national governments, academic institutions, private sector and other international donors to develop the tertiary education ecosystems in Africa that address current and future human capital needs and opportunities. The World Bank is the main international funder in tertiary education, skills development and youth employment in Africa with a portfolio of over $5B in programs and initiatives across the continent.

The event was the launch of the CCA’s Education / Skills working group, in which DFI will take an active role. To learn more about other CCA working groups, please follow the link.