Emilio Bunge

Managing Director

Emilio Bunge is Managing Director of DFI® based at DFI’s Headquarters Office. Emilio joined DFI in 2004 and has been part of its leadership team since 2010.

Emilio’s efforts as part of the DFI team have resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in new business and financing, innovative partnerships and expanded relationships for DFI clients, local socio-economic impact translated in thousands of new / better jobs, cleaner energy and improved infrastructure, enhanced public sector governance and world class science to name a few, and increased business and profitable growth for DFI.

Committed and focused on clients’ success and achieving their business and development objectives in emerging markets, Emilio has led and contributed to many of DFI’s engagements with the world’s leading companies for global, regional and country specific strategies and execution plans in a number of sectors, namely education, science, technology and innovation, agriculture, renewable energy, infrastructure, information technology and government reform.

Emilio is able to quickly understand DFI clients’ complex challenges and articulate solutions that draw from DFI’s global talent and expertise, and translate them into actions and exciting results.

Emilio’s experience also includes significant work with DFI’s non-corporate clients such as national export and trade associations, foundations and academic institutions, and multilateral and bilateral donor agencies.

As part of DFI’s recent fast growth phase doubling revenues and staff since 2009, Emilio was instrumental working with the rest of the leadership team in setting up DFI’s internal operational platform and processes to propel the company into its next phase of growth and innovation. These efforts included launching and refining new DFI services to build global commercial and distribution networks increasing client’s top line growth, as well as leveraging Other People’s Monies (OPM) for sustainability efforts along the value chain (i.e. R&D, sourcing, manufacturing, distribution) improving client’s operational efficiencies and bottom line.

Most recently, Emilio has been involved in expanding DFI’s outreach and diversifying its client base to include Latin American, Spanish and Japanese organizations.

Prior to DFI, Emilio worked for five years in major public sector restructuring projects in Argentina for the local Social Security and Medicare agencies, as well as Repsol-YPF, an integrated Oil and Gas company.

Emilio has a BA in Industrial Engineering from the Technological Institute of Buenos Aires, and a MBA from Georgetown University. He is fluent in Spanish and conversational in Portuguese, and is actively involved in several social initiatives as part of the Argentinean diaspora in the US.

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