Trilateral Agri-Tech Research Program

Development Finance International, Inc® (DFI), with partners Elsevier and CAB International (CABI), recently concluded a Scoping Study for the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) to explore options for a potential Africa-Britain-China (ABC) Agricultural Technology Research Program. This prospective agri-tech research program aims to promote trilateral research collaboration across Africa, Britain, and China to address Africa’s future agricultural challenges and demands. The objective of the Scoping Study was to present program design options and to test receptivity and feasibility with stakeholders from the private, public, and academic sectors.

DFI, Elsevier, and CABI present Scoping Study findings on:  i) Africa’s future agricultural challenges and needs; ii) Africa, Britain, and China’s agricultural technology research and development (R&D) expertise; iii) Past and ongoing collaboration between Africa, Britain, and China; iv) Feasibility of an Africa, Britain, and China trilateral, program; v) and Program design options for consideration.

The Scoping Study can be accessed here.

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