Corporate Council on Africa’s 41st Annual World Tourism Conference

Corporate Council on Africa’s 41st Annual World Tourism Conference: Unlocking Africa’s Potential Through Tourism 

Kigali, Rwanda:  Nov 14th-17th 

DFI’s President and CEO as well as Corporate Council on Africa’s Vice Chair, Diane M. Willkens, will be moderating two panels at the upcoming World Tourism Conference in Kigali.  DFI brings an in-depth understanding of the international best practices and regulatory landscapes influencing goals and objectives, such as the recently adopted Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) combined with the expertise of integrating private sector ambitions with international development funding, Governments and local stakeholders.

DFI is currently supporting international funding organizations and other private donors to reduce investment risk while building out and mobilizing the hard and soft infrastructure necessary for accelerated outcomes across Africa and in emerging markets globally.

Financing Tourism Development | Tuesday, November 15th | 11:30 am – 12:45 pm

This panel will examine how countries are positioning themselves to attract private sector investment in the tourism sector; what alternative sources of funding are available for private sector investors; and how companies and governments can harness funding for human resource development, transportation infrastructure, real estate development and more.

Bridging the Hospitality Skills Gap | Wednesday, November 16th | 11:00 am – 12:15 pm

Panelists will explore how schools can partner with the private sector to ensure a well-trained hospitality workforce; how major players in the industry are utilizing in-house training to bridge the gap; and how African governments are creating an enabling environment for strengthening the workforce in the tourism industry by setting high standards for the industry.

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