About DFI

DFI is an international business development advisory firm providing a strategy-through-execution approach.  We deliver sales and market entry, sustainable supply chains, and measurable social and economic impact in emerging markets.

Founded 30 years ago, DFI has delivered more than $3.5 B in contracts and funding across diverse sectors while providing 30-100X ROI for our long-standing clients.  Active in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and CEE/CIS, DFI’s team of multidisciplinary experts is dedicated to driving business growth and achieving results.

To date, we have worked with 35 Fortune 500 firms, numerous mid-size and smaller firms, as well as governments, development institutions, and NGOs.  Several client relationships extend 10, 15, and 25 years, reflecting DFI’s valued approach and clear ways of working.

Unique expertise. DFI brings a distinct perspective to emerging market challenges and solutions – namely international financial institution (IFI) expertise.  Our long, successful experience navigating the operational, policy, and procurement complexities of the IFIs and other development stakeholders informs our client relationships.  Whether clients require market entry, sales development, risk mitigation, sustainable supply chain or social impact, our dedicated client team leverages the IFIs to accelerate client objectives.

Importantly, IFIs such as the World Bank, regional development banks, bilateral aid agencies, and numerous other development organizations now recognize that private sector growth is essential for sustainable development.

By focusing on the IFIs, we position clients to offer best practices, leverage convening power and market expertise, and engage on policy matters that will open significant new opportunities.  For investor clients, enlisting IFI participation mitigates risks and may reduce CAPEX/OPEX funding otherwise required.  In all efforts, the objective is accelerated commercial growth and sustainability.


"DFI has a distinct quality: they are not a consultancy that just advises people to do something - they get involved.  DFI says, 'This is the opportunity, these are the markets and programs, this is how you should organize it, and we'll help you develop those deals'."

Global Fortune 250 Client since 1995

Our Approach: Strategy Through Execution

Results Focused, Forward Thinking

We position our clients as leaders of global responses to critical economic and social challenges such as food security, climate change, health delivery, urbanization, the infrastructure gap, and more.  Our approach positions sales of products and services, lays the groundwork for market entry, develops extended supply chains, scales investments, and delivers sustainable, high-impact initiatives.

An Extension of your Team

We work alongside our clients with a dedicated DFI team, involved in both strategy and day-to-day execution. Whether engaged in business development, sales and marketing, supply chain sustainability, financing, or government & public affairs, our clients consider DFI to be an integrated, essential extension of their teams.

Build Long-Term Relationships

We are privileged to have unparalleled, long-term working relationships with our clients, several extending 10, 12, 14, and even 25 years. Our approach engenders deep mutual respect and trust, a high level of confidence, and shared commitment to our clients success.

DFI has similar long-term relationships and reputation with the IFIs. This is in part a result of DFI's pioneering approach to programmatic engagement of the IFIs as well as our understanding of ever-evolving processes and objectives and the opportunities offered to our clients.

Create Multi-Stakeholder Success

When needed, a multi-stakeholder approach offers benefits that may include risk mitigation, unlocked funding, expanded visibility, partners vested in success, additional expertise, and accelerated impact. From project-based partnerships to wide-scale industry coalitions, we are unique in our ability to:
- Understand and meld the needs of companies, governments, IFIs, and other stakeholders, and;
- Do the granular project development, design, and collaboration required to achieve shared success among stakeholders.

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