Mutuality: DFI's Driving Principle

We fill an essential role:  We take on the complex gaps among the private sector, public sector, and the development institutions.  We offer detailed insights, practical solutions, and successful ways of working to link development funding, priority projects, and initiatives that benefit all parties.


Our SDG Lens

Global economic, social, environmental, and governance challenges confront the world. Solutions require unprecedented collaboration among private sector, governments, development funders, civil society and NGOs.

Mutuality is at the heart of the SDGs.  Merging social, economic and environmental goals is the foundation for significant and sustained private sector participation.  This is where DFI gets involved.

We have a long history of successfully supporting our clients’ commercial and sustainability objectives by aligning clients with funding, projects, and initiatives funded and/or of interest to development partners and other stakeholders.

DFI's multinational, mid-size and  smaller clients are assessing core capabilities, aligning their solutions and ambitions with relevant SDGs, and achieving significant commercial and social impact.

By merging economic and social goals with private sector participation, we achieve triple bottom line impact for clients.

What are the SDGs?

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs or Global Goals), adopted in 2015, provide a roadmap for addressing interconnected, prioritized global challenges by 2030.

How do the SDGs impact business in emerging markets?

The SDGs influence development policies, country growth strategies, industry and collaboration platforms, projects and funding throughout emerging markets.  It is estimated that achieving the SDGs related to energy, cities, health and food will generate $12T in business annually by 2030 (Better Business, Better World).

The SDGs are refined by key targets and indicators of success that are inspiring stakeholders, and catalyzing action.  For DFI clients there is significant business opportunity for innovative solutions (as reflected in "Exhibit 2: 60 biggest market opportunities related to delivering the Global Goals" of the Better Business, Better World report)