Health & Nutrition

DFI’s extensive experience in the health sector includes medical diagnostic imaging, maternal & child health, nutrition and micronutrients, e-health, communicable and non-communicable diseases, and universal health care, among other areas.

Our clients have included medical diagnostic imaging and treatment companies, pharmaceutical companies, focused on addressing vector-borne diseases, nutrition-related companies, hospital developers, and industry platforms and nonprofits with a focus on access to medicines or a specific diseas

    Our work has included:

    • Sales identification, qualification, pursuit and capture
    • Donor and Ministries of Health relationships Building awareness and distribution capabilities of highly nutritious foods for FMCG client
    • Hospital feasibility and financing
    • Gap assessment, service opportunity, and funding support for a pharmaceutical traceability initiative
    • Secretariat to support alliance of global firms convening for SDG 3 action
    • Multi-stakeholder initiative to cross-pollinate vaccine distribution and delivery techniques
    • Deep procurement expertise related to public and private tenders, including specification issues, tender processes and concerns/protests, fair evaluation, contract award, and payment issues

    Examples of Our Work in Health & Nutrition