Infrastructure & Cities

At DFI, we work with companies to identify key markets with targeted ambitions and development goals in synch with client technologies and solutions.

By anticipating country development strategies and aligning with IFI funding, clients are prepared with appropriate sales and marketing efforts to establish brand, demonstrate benefits of the solutions, outline total cost of ownership and value for money to stakeholders, and be prepared to capture the commercial opportunity.

The global gap in infrastructure funding is staggering.  Add to this that over the next 15 years, 60% of the world’s population will live in cities, with 70% by 2050.

Public transport and urban mobility will represent substantial economic opportunity for companies active in emerging markets, including bridges, tunnels, rail, light-rail, BRT, and road infrastructure.  Meanwhile, the build-out of wastewater treatment is accelerating as a funded sector in many countries even as investment in water supply increases.

For our clients, we deliver:

  • Market assessments
  • Sales identification, qualification, pursuit and capture efforts
  • Technical brown-bags to inform funders and customers on innovation
  • Engagement with IFI and Ministries at key country level to familiarize on technical solutions, related costs, value for money and total cost of ownership
  • Close engagement with IFI and DFI network to accelerate local partner identification and qualification
  • Full support across project tender process, including guidance on specifications, evaluation, award, implementation, and payment

Examples of Our Work on Infrastructure & Cities