High-Impact Anchor Initiatives

High impact initiatives vary widely.  From those designed to mobilize action on social needs, to advocacy and policy efforts, to technology adoption and many more.  DFI client efforts may be focused locally at village level all the way to national, regional, and even global.  Efforts may be linked to commercial objectives or be independent of commercial operations.

We work with our clients as a trusted partner from needs assessments and stakeholder consultations, through to linkages with governments and IFIs.  Engagement with the right IFI provides a meaningful partner to fund or co-fund initiatives, accelerate outcomes, and enhance client reputation.

Develop multi-stakeholder initiatives to increase ability to deliver on social, environmental, and sustainability commitments, while complementing commercial ambitions.
Drive Corporate Commitments

Leverage DFI’s experience managing projects in various sectors and geographies to identify and build relationships with key stakeholders

Position for Thought Leadership

Establish high-level visibility and leadership role within a corporate initiative or a broad multi-stakeholder platform to position innovative solutions, achieve policy objectives, and/or address select sustainable development initiatives.

Sustainability Strategy

We align our clients commercial and / or operational goals to a range of development partners, facilitating strategic pursuit of sustainability commitments (such as the SDGs) through business operations.

Examples of Our Clients Anchor Initiatives