Coalitions & Nonprofits

DFI works with coalitions and nonprofits in ways similar to our Corporate and Trade Promotion Agency clients.  As a trusted partner of the development institutions, we help coalition clients to prepare and launch their respective programs through our proven competencies in state-of-play assessments, program design, and project management.

Accelerating coalition client objectives, we deliver:

  • In-depth understanding of challenges, opportunities, and most effective ways forward to design and deliver programs that achieve partnership outcomes
  • Design systematic program with workstreams, qualify partners, and roll-out strategically planned efforts
  • Effective and prudent coordination and management of activities especially among industry competitors who intend to combine strengths to achieve development goals

Nonprofit clients are eager to leverage DFI’s emerging market and IFI funding expertise.  Minimizing cost while maximizing efficiency, NGOs engage to gauge what is possible, gather on-the-ground intelligence, solidify partnerships, and bolster program and initiatives.

In these engagements, our clients gain advantage in DFI’s expert deep-dives, as well as our expansive, long-standing network which including development funders and sector experts.

With NGO clients, we:

  • Identify gaps, frame the opportunity, and qualify and survey with key stakeholders to brainstorm potentials
  • Conduct face-to-face discussions with shortlisted stakeholders
  • Arrange in-country face-to-face meetings with key stakeholders to advocate for client objectives while gathering needed intelligence and expanding stakeholder network
  • Develop comprehensive, go-to stakeholder map with detailed ways of working, contacts, focus and funding options
  • Design and facilitate events, such as program launch, convening all needed stakeholders to jointly drive outcomes

Examples of Our Work with Coalitions and NGOs