Rapid gains in technology enable leap-frog advancements in emerging markets, and as such, ICT solutions are present in virtually any IFI funded program.

Clients leverage DFI’s multisectoral expertise to identify new markets where client solutions help drive economic growth, improve service delivery, and build networks for private and public sector applications.

ICT solutions, investments, and skills capabilities are critical elements of every country’s development plans, both as tools to achieve objectives or as a solution.  Given the importance of ICT for economic growth, IFI's are funding projects ranging from financial inclusion and public financial management to smart cities, remote sensing / GIS, and disaster management. 

It is incumbent upon solution providers to inform public and private customers about these innovations, work closely with customers to understand new value propositions, and make the case for total cost of ownership decisions.

Our work in this area spans a range of industries and applications, including:

  • Public financial management
  • Utilities management and smart metering
  • Financial inclusion
  • Smart cities
  • Supply chain management
  • Identity management, border security, citizen security
  • Customs and logistics
  • eHealth

Examples of Our Work with ICT Solutions