Manufacturing & FMCG

FMCG-related (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) companies are attracted to high growth markets as well as local sourcing and production, at the same time countries seek private sector investment and partners in the drive to achieve middle income status.

We support our clients by attracting IFI funding for soft and hard infrastructure that augments, or may completely cover, certain assumed CAPEX / OPEX costs of doing business.

Manufacturing is continually on the move, taking advantage of lower labor costs, labor, lower energy costs, reduced tariffs, stable governments, and manageable bureaucracy and regulatory systems.

Today, economic necessity is frequently joined by sustainability goals as firms prioritize local sourcing and production using raw materials and production methods that meet quality, quantity, and sustainability requirements.

IFI and 3rd party funding could address:

  • Hard and soft infrastructure, especially when aimed at local value-added manufacturing, increased investment, job creation, and economic and social growth
  • Build out of vertical supply chains
  • Support to incentivize local contribution to supply chain diversification
  • Sustainability objectives including water, energy, environment, transportation
  • Skills and workforce training, including technical skills that feed job growth and enhance productivity
  • Policy and regulatory frameworks that support investment outcomes

Examples of Our Work in Fast Moving Consumer Goods