Operational & Supply Chain Sustainability

Sustainability and sustainable supply chains are essential aspects of business strategy for companies around the world. Our clients want to source raw materials and / or local production which meets quality and quantity requirements, but often face a variety of challenges which impact feasibility.

Governments of emerging markets are keenly aware that their resources (natural and human) present a mix of supply and gaps, cost advantages and risks, current and future markets, capabilities and needs, and much more.

When it comes to improving sustainable operations within supply chains, there is more money than good projects.

Leverage 3rd party development funding to mitigate risks, accelerate enabling business environments, augment sustainability commitments, and develop sustainable supply chains.
Overcome Hard and Soft Infrastructure Gaps

Address gaps in hard (e.g. transport and energy) or soft (e.g. skills and health) infrastructure by mobilizing key development funders and engaging government at national and local levels to align funding with client objectives.

Maximize Investment Impact

Increase investment impact at local and national levels, and accelerate the outcomes of commercial operations through diversified sustainable supply chain development and local value added manufacturing.

Reduce Emerging Market Risk

Overcome challenges and reduce risks inherent in emerging markets by arranging 3rd party support, visibility, potential funding, and more.

Examples of Our Supply Chain Sustainability Work