Trade Promotion Agencies

DFI has supported Trade Promotion Agencies (TPA) since our founding, a recognition of our deep, unparalleled experience in IFI-funded projects and institutions.  Our long-standing reputation for successful IFI project and procurement expertise across numerous sectors uniquely positions us to support TPAs with valued, timely insights and winning strategies that deliver commercial success.

Our TPA clients typically from OECD-member countries, eager to introduce domestic companies and solutions into emerging markets governments and private sector via IFI-funded, risk-mitigated opportunities.

The opportunities for TPAs and OECD-company solutions has never been greater. Emerging market countries are addressing the Sustainable Development Goals with resolute focus, drawing upon IFI funding and soliciting world-class commercial solutions to fill the gap.

At the same time IFI procurement rules have changed to encourage high quality suppliers of innovative solutions via procurement methods that take into account life-cycle costing, value for money, and total cost of ownership, among other methods.

We bring an informed, long-term perspective of the vital, changing role for the IFIs in development as well as the rules and processes that may impact the way an OECD-country or a company could successfully engage.

As a result, countries call on DFI for support.  We offer TPAs:

  • Targeted initiatives in key emerging markets supported by funded IFI projects and
    Potential partnerships that offer addressable opportunities for TPA-promoted company solutions,
  • Integrated strategy that will connect companies with key IFIs and Ministries through market deep-dives,
  • Strategies for near-term and sustained commercial success
  • Disciplined implementation support across 1, 2 and 3-year engagements.

Examples of Our Work with Trade Promotion Agencies