Environment, environmental sustainability, and renewable energy / energy efficiency is embedded throughout DFI's work.   Whether the urgencies of adaptation that inform our agriculture clients or the mandates of mitigation that drive new business strategies across DFI's client base, climate is top of mind for our private sector clients, governments, and the IFIs.

Our focus includes energy efficiency – the first fuel – and related solutions (such as LED lighting, appliances, HVAC, pumps and machinery), renewable energy production (wind, solar, small hydro, as examples), and energy storage solutions required for large scale renewables and micro grids.

We understand when and where funding is being provided to support contracts or acquisitions, pilots and investments.   We position our clients to engage and inform IFIs and governments on solutions and best practices and thereafter drive demand for new projects.  There is more money than good projects in areas such as:

  • Environmental remediation
  • Access to energy via off-grid and mini-grids
  • Energy storage
  • Energy efficiency (LED, buildings, public and private spaces, pumping for irrigation and district heating, as examples)

Examples of Our Climate-Related Work