Education & STEM

DFI supports companies, countries, and IFIs to develop and accelerate higher education and vocational technical education outcomes, STEM-focused initiatives, and execute on related investments.  This may include research libraries, upgraded laboratories, incentivizing R&D, and making education more accessible.

We work with our clients to (i) identify significant on-going and planned funded projects and initiatives, and/or (ii) develop new projects and initiatives for downstream adoption.

Countries compete for investments, jobs, investors’ R&D spend, and knowledge transfer to build the backbone of social and economic growth and stability.

We position client offerings to help countries build capacity, prepare citizens to meet employer needs for suitably skilled workers, and develop increasingly attractive investment destination profiles.

Our client work is aimed at:

  • Identifying and capturing funding for STEM initiatives
  • Establishing women and youth-related anchor initiatives
  • Securing funding for higher education facilities
  • Building out university research networks
  • Delivering online portals for schools
  • Providing e-content, equipment and services for schools

Examples of Our Global Education & STEM Work