Renewables & Energy Efficiency

Our work in this sector is deep, strategic, pragmatic, and operationally focused.

For example, we have identified local partners for a client in 19 countries allowing the client to diversify sales and grow its brand.  Meanwhile, in energy efficiency, we deploy a global approach to maximize insight on IFI funding support and encourage adoption of quality, innovative funded solutions at the customer level.

With new and substantial funding for areas such as energy storage a global approach, fine-tuned locally, mirrors the IFI approach.

Renewables and energy efficiency will meet a growing share of the significant energy need globally, especially as large energy storage solutions are commercialized and deployed.  Whether on-grid, off-grid or mini-grids; wind, solar, thermal, mini-and larger hydro are supplying energy into underserved regions of the world.

Meanwhile, governments at all levels are reaping substantial savings from energy efficient lighting, appliances, HVAC, pumps and boilers, chillers, insulation, and building materials, which act to off-set the need for new plant and equipment.

Opportunities abound to inform, raise standards, and create new funded projects.  For example, in collaboration with a client, DFI developed an LED Road Lighting Manual that has been widely adopted by a key IFI and translated into several languages.

Our work has included:

  • Sales identification, qualification, pursuit and capture
  • Technical briefings (brown-bags) to inform on innovation
  • IFI and government / ministry relationships for introduction of technical solutions
  • Close engagement with IFI and DFI network to accelerate partner identification and qualification
  • Innovative and practical tools to speed adoption of energy efficient technologies
  • Multi-stakeholder initiative to cross-pollinate solutions and encourage demand for projects at local and national levels

Examples of Our Work in the Energy Sector