Emerging Market Sales Growth

Emerging markets present significant opportunity as well as risks.  One proven means to reduce risk while developing a commercial presence is by working through International Financial Institutions (IFIs). IFI funded projects, across nearly all sectors, rely on private sector participation to deliver project outcomes and stimulate private sector-led growth.

For any given market, client, and solution, we draw on our deep understanding of the IFIs to conduct rigorous consultations with key stakeholders and develop sales strategies for our clients that we jointly implement.  Success requires focus, resources, and a multi-year effort.  When engaged as business development partner on longer term efforts, DFI delivers 30 - 100 X ROI for clients.

We deliver near and longer-term qualified funded sales pipeline, brand positioning, prioritized joint pursuit and capture efforts.
Qualified Sales Pipeline

Expert procurement and sales support resulting in a qualified, prioritized, sales pipeline for the public and private sector in target markets.

Partner Identification

Gap analysis based on corporate capabilities, as well as local and regional contexts, to identify qualified partners and funders to help scale your business operations

Market Assessment and Sales Pursuit Strategy

Comprehensive "Deep Dive" which takes our clients into target markets, building relationships with key stakeholders, and ultimately aligning corporate management with local staff to implement a programmatic approach to address opportunities

"It is difficult for us [short-term focused] to hire sales people who can deliver results in two years... DFI accelerates, conducts deep-dives, opens doors, triggers, and engages - this generates a funnel that is now qualified and our sales people are developing these projects."

Global Fortune 500 Client since 1996

Examples of Our Work Growing Sales in Emerging Markets