DFI’s Manjula Bagli to speak at MCC’s Procurement College

On June 22nd, Manjula Bagli, Director, Energy Practice at DFI® will be speaking at MCC’s procurement college, being held at MCC’s headquarters in Washington DC this week (Jun 2o-24, 2016). The college is hosted to bring together procurement specialists and practitioners from MCC’s portfolio countries and headquarters. The group believes that effective procurement is an important driver of development. Over the five days participants will endeavor to network, share lessons, improve on and better understand MCC procurement practices, in order to deliver effective projects.

Manjula Bagli, Director, Energy Practice and procurement specialist at Development Finance International, Inc. will be sharing DFI’s experience with procurement across various sectors and clients. For almost 25 years, DFI has helped private sector clients navigate through the procurement processes of International Financial Institutions, Governments and MCC. DFI will be providing an outsider’s view of clients’ experience with MCC process and share private sector perspective on the procurement processes in emerging markets.

For additional details, please contact Manjula Bagli at mbagli@dfintl.com