Healthcare Opportunities from IFIs: COVID-19 and Beyond

Healthcare Opportunities from International Finance Institutions (IFIs): COVID-19 and Beyond

Tokyo, June 2020

DFI’s Managing Director, Emilio Bunge, lead a webinar on “Healthcare Opportunities from International Finance Institutions (IFIs)” for Medical Excellence Japan (MEJ) in June 2020. Medical Excellence Japan is the principal organization for the internationalization of Japanese medical equipment, doctors and nurses. Working closely with the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, and the Ministry of Health, MEJ supports the internationalization efforts of over 50 industry-leading companies and associations.

Emilio’s presentation outlined the extensive opportunities for MEJ members to engage the IFIs to position their goods and services into the IFI-financed health projects, to strengthen their supply chains, and to foment innovation and local development. Each year, the IFIs support $20B of health projects addressing a broad range of disease burdens in emerging markets.  In response to COVID-19, the IFIs have committed an unprecedented $200B until mid-2021, and the involvement of the private sector and health professional will be critical to quickly deploy the goods, services and expertise needed to confront the crisis.

Please follow the link for the webinar invitation and further highlights will be included soon.