Intergune 2018: “Business Opportunities under MDB Projects”

Intergune 2018: Business Opportunities under MDB Projects

Spain, February 2018

DFI’s Managing Director, Emilio Bunge, will be presenting “Business Opportunities under MDB Projects” at the upcoming Basque Forum for Internationalization, Intergune 2018 held in Bilbao, Spain during February 19–20, 2018. Emilio will present over $2.7 B in opportunities for Basque companies in the markets of Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico within the sectors of infrastructure, urban development, water and sanitation, environment and energy.

This session will be organized by with the Basque internationalization agency “Basque Trade and Investment” (BTI) and will also include several local speakers from the Basque Government. The event will also highlight the achievements of the first year of the Plataforma Basque Country Licitaciones, created to support Basque companies in pursuit of MDB projects, supported by DFI, along with opportunities within emerging and consolidated markets for Basque companies.

For more information about Intergune 2018, please follow the link.