More Money Than Good Projects

More Money Than Good Projects

Maputo, Mozambique, June 2019

Vice Chair of the Corporate Council on Africa's (CCA) Board of Directors, DFI President and CEO Diane Willkens organized and delivered a workshop on donor-funded business in Africa at CCA's flagship 2019 US-Africa Business Summit. Diane's workshop highlighted how Africa is expected to generate $1T in sustainable business and 85 million new jobs by 2030 across multiple sectors including cities, food, health, and energy.

In part, Africa’s growth will be supported by donor funding of $500 B over 10 years and led by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.  The workshop focused on practical steps to educate companies on donor funding priorities, and better integrate marketing, sales and sustainability practices into donor and country priorities.

The 2019 US-Africa Business Summit took place in Maputo Mozambique from June 18-21, and had over 1300 attendees, including 6 African Heads of State and Ministers of Finance, Foreign Affairs, Commerce, Economy, Public Works, and ICT from more than 25 countries.

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DFI has been a member of CCA for more than 20 years and is privileged to have served in various Board capacities for a great many years.