Supply Chain Sustainability Partnerships – Sourcing Raw Materials

Supply Chain Sustainability Partnerships - Sourcing Raw Materials


Facing systemic challenges to their supply chain as a result of climate change and other global impacts, the client engaged DFI seeking partnerships with leading international financial institutions (IFIs) to help the company raise its profile as a committed partner to the SDGs, and position the client as a sustainability leader within the agriculture sector broadly.

Client Contribution to the SDGs

  • Understand and Align Client Needs: Intense review of clients business to gain understanding of client’s needs and challenges, as well as external and internal pressures that impact ability to affect change.
  • Desk-based Assessment: DFI conducted a broad assessment to identify and map key funders and stakeholders, best possible partners, ways of working and points of contact, alignment of priorities and timing, implementation approaches, and required / available investment funding.
  • Donor Roadshow: Leveraged DFI’s network with multiple UN organizations, International Financial Institutions, regional bodies and platforms, and the donor community to share best practices and identify partners to co-invest in supply chains around the world.
    • More than 7 partnerships with multilateral and bilateral development organizations, as well as other public and private entities that had not been previously considered.
    • DFI mobilized more than $120 M to convene and build partnerships with select stakeholders, including governments, farmer associations, universities, R&D centers, IFIs, and private sector, to invest in the development of sustainable supply chains
    • Built a roadmap for engagement with fifteen (15) leading IFIs in support of client objectives, including recommendations for internal procedures to help the client develop fundable projects. There is more money than good projects.


    • United Nations, The World Bank Group, International Fund for Agriculture Development; USAID, DFID, GIZ