Global Sales Expansion: Untapped Public Sector Markets

Global Sales Expansion: Untapped Public Sector Markets


A multinational ICT solutions provider needed to build a sustainable program that would double in five (5) its Emerging Market public sector sales in Africa, Asia, Latin America, Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

Client Contribution to the SDGs


  • International Financial Institution (IFI) Assessment: DFI assessed and prioritized over 2,000 opportunities funded by key IFIs, including the World Bank, African Development Bank, Asian Development Bank, and European Union, among others, to identify Client addressable sales opportunities, size, timing, competition and best contacts.
  • Strategic Engagement Plan: Given the Client’s ambitious global scope and benchmarks, DFI used the results of the IFI Assessment to design and implement a global sale pursuit program to pursue publicly funded ICT projects related to e-government, finance, public management, health, education, and infrastructure.
  • International Financial Institutions, Bilateral Donors, African Union, Association of South East Asian Nations, Governments, NGO’s, distributor and integration partners

  • $100M in incremental sales in first 18‐months and $2B qualified 3 to 5-year pipeline of over 500 prioritized opportunities at national, provincial, and municipal levels including discrete deal financing structures
  • Developed new product and demo Center of Excellence for specific vertical segment representing potential $100M in new sales
  • Diversified the Client’s emerging market customer base and improved image and reputation with governments and funders globally