Market Expansion – Trade Promotion Agency

Opening New Markets: Trade Mission Support


How can a Trade Promotion Agency better position its companies to compete and win IFI-funded business while promoting quality, value-for-money solutions?

Client Contribution to the SDGs


  • Introductory Training and Education Program: As a first step, DFI held a series of joint training sessions with TPA sector experts to understand the country’s competitive advantages, market priorities, technology investments and ambitions while briefing the TPA on broad IFI processes and programs.
  • Assessment and Trade Mission Recruitment:  DFI worked closely with the TPA to define key sectors, countries, and timing for upcoming trade missions.  A top line review of projects and key sectoral strategies (both government and IFI strategies) was used to guide TPA focus, educate companies on broad IFI priorities, and recruit key private sector participants for upcoming Trade Missions.
  • Market Assessment: DFI delivered several in-depth assessments, reviewing 365 projects with total IFI funding of $12.5B and nearly $650M in addressable business for participating companies.
  • Trade Mission Support: In close collaboration with the TPA, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Trade and Economy, DFI organized and led 145 IFI and project unit meetings with key stakeholders (government, 20 IFIs, potential private sector or NGO partners).  DFI served as the IFI knowledge expert during the missions with public and private sector:


    • Trade Promotion Agency, and related Ministries
    • IFI local offices
    • Private sector representatives from:
      • Education
      • Agriculture
      • Renewable energy / energy efficiency
      • Public health
      • ICT
      • Water / wastewater / sanitation
      • Mining
      • Forestry
      • Hydro-meteorological solutions
      • Environmental remediation
      • Light manufacturing
      • Smart Cities


    • $12.5 Billion IFI funding vetted and validated with est. $650M in actionable project intelligence for companies in 6 key African and Asian countries. Intelligence included IFI project size, scope, timing, relevant technology and best contacts as well as project-by-project engagement strategies for each company.
    • I45 substantive meetings with IFI and local project offices, educating on international best practices and latest technology
    • Developed and strengthened relationships for both companies and TPA officials with 20 IFIs donors and numerous government agencies responsible for project implementation